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From AirVuz, a website offering aerial views from drones, comes this view of Stonehenge taken on a sunny day. 


Certainly worth a look or three!  



Take a look at Blair Bunting's photos of my all-time favorite aircraft over at Foxtrot Alpha

Once on a car trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles (I don't recall exactly where, but probably where Interstate 15 comes closest to Edwards Air Force Base), we happened to notice a little sign pointing to an open air collection of seven or eight airframes of this aircraft family. Down a little road we went, parked, and found ourselves walking among these airframes.

I mean, close enough to touch them. 

It seemed odd to me. But then I used to kayak among nuclear submarines as a kid in my hometown. Security sometimes has gaps, I figured. 

Anyhow, my all-time favorite aircraft--the SR-71 family. So swift, so wonderful looking, and still so futuristic! 

At Foxtrot Alpha


Over at AlterNet, psychologist Valerie Tarico has summed up sex negativity as a legacy of Catholic ideology in 15 points. 

Take a look, particularly if you intend to uphold a sex positive outlook.


At number 1 for sex negativity--Sex for "mere"pleasure.The list goes on from there.



These Public Lands Were Made for You and Me


From EcoWatch, photographs of the radiation contaminated site taken by  Arkadiusz Podniesinski, chronicler of the Chernoby site. 


“It is not earthquakes or tsunami[s] that are to blame for the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, but humans,” he says. “The report produced by the Japanese parliamentary committee investigating the disaster leaves no doubt about this. The disaster could have been forseen and prevented. As in the Chernobyl case, it was a human, not technology, that was mainly responsible for the disaster.” 



A Christian woman in Rowlett, Texas, says that she and her family invoked the authority to command winds in order to divert a recent and greatly destructive tornado from her neighborhood. The tornado appears to have missed her locale, but did destroy 450 or so buildings in Rowlett. 

Facing an EF4 tornado, I'm pretty sure that I would have invoked some divine authority for weather magic, myself. But weather magic is always chancy as to outcomes.


Once upon a time, Flint, Michigan, drew its drinking water from Lake Huron (via Detroit's water system).

Then emergency mangers iordered Flint's drinking water instead be taken from the Flint River. Corrosion of old lead pipes increased. Lead poisoning of folks increased. 

The State of Michigan did tests that revealed this. 

Folks in Flint and outside the state agencies independently tested Flint's drinking water for lead and discovered dangerous spikes in lead levels. 

They asked Michigan state agencies for their results and got shined on or stonewalled. Meanwhile, the state agencies were telling media that the water was safe to drink. 

Until they were compelled to say that OMG!, drinking water from the Flint River holds toxic levels of poisonous lead and some folks have been poisoned with lead. We downplayed and denied this situation because..[mysterious circumstances to maybe be revealed later]. 

Flint's drinking water from Detroit was restored. 

A.) Sources of drinking water matter. Water from a Great Lake is not the same as water from a river. 

B.) Some employees of some state agencies covered up the problem in Flint for quite awhile. I wonder how come. Most of us support state agencies notifying us when we are drinking toxic water. Who has the juice to turn of a faucet of lies, deceit, and cover-ups? 

C).Investigations are reportedly now underway. 

D.) A tip of the hat to those who finally got this scandal exposed!!! 

Some informative web sites:




Maybe we need a law that prohibits us from making up really dumb, confused, petty, and/or upending-of-common-sense laws. 


Recently de-classified Cold War documents reveal that US Air Force atomic war plans targeted lots and lots of targets with lots and lots of atomic bombs. Military targets. Techno-industrial targets.Transportation and communication targets. And population targets. Cities. Many, many cities. 

The spectre of atomic war haunted my growing up. I lived in a navy town where nuclear submarines got built. Under the shadow--the menacing, maybe glowing blue rather than dark shadow--of a prime target. And I devoured science fiction that imagined atomic war and its long-lasting after effects on the land, living things, culture. Who and what might survive, how, and whether they would depart much from what I took as human. Mutations. Wastelands.Gamma ray perversities.The long gone after the atomic doom of civilization. 

Fallout me after the warheads explode was a common imagining... 

So I'm not surprised by these old targeting plans. 

I am still sometimes surprised that we humans did not, after all, commit global atomic war!


According to his biography [Robert A. Heinlein:In Dialogue With His Century, vol. 1 by William H. Patterson, Jr.], Heinlein grew up with Sally Rand, the famous fan dancer, and maintained a friendship with her his whole life. He was probably trending toward sex-positive as well as polyamorous. 


What's more, his second wife, Leslyn, was greatly influenced by Theosophy (Point Loma colony?) and other early West Coast magical movements. They were married 15 years during the early part of his writing career.It seems likely to me that Heinlein had some first-hand familiarity with practical magic in some form. 


I've been told that Heinlein had an ambiguous attitude towards magic and emerging Paganism and his inspirational part in it.As if it was a compliment, but didn't quite mesh with his more or less rational world view. 

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