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Favorite Software: Doomi & Adobe Air Apps

I confess.

I'm a software junkie. I like it when I find software that does something
I do in a manner that fits with my way of working or thinking. So I visit
software review and download sites and collect software. I try it out. If it
suits me, then I use it.

And, if the way I work or think about stuff changes, then I change the
software to keep it close to how it feels right to work or think about stuff.

About a month ago, I go frustrated with the to do list features of a couple
apps that I use all the time. It was too complicated to make an entry on the
list, assign categories and priorities, and then track the list items later.

So I looked around for a simple, straightforward to do list app. I tried several,
but each turned out to be more like what I didn't like in the apps I had than
what I wanted from a to do list app.

Then I stumbled on Doomi on a productivity site. I tried it I like it. Doomi is a
simple little app that makes a straightforward to do list. Type. Enter. Item in.
Easy to track later. And it looks good.


Doomi, it turns out, runs on Adobe Air.

Wikipedia says:

Adobe AIR is a cross-platform runtime environment for building rich Internet
applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or Ajax, that can be deployed
as a desktop application.


Here's a link to the Adobe Air web site:


There are a couple hundred Adobe Air apps available now. They do all sorts of
things. I'm trying out KLOK, which is a project time tracker. It has a kewl black
chrome, but maybe my eyes are weary, because I'm getting to prefer light chrome.

The marketplace (with a category list) for Adobe Air apps is at:


Now I'm going to check writing this blog post off on my Doomi to do list! O productivity!

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