pitch313 (pitch313) wrote,


Recently de-classified Cold War documents reveal that US Air Force atomic war plans targeted lots and lots of targets with lots and lots of atomic bombs. Military targets. Techno-industrial targets.Transportation and communication targets. And population targets. Cities. Many, many cities. 

The spectre of atomic war haunted my growing up. I lived in a navy town where nuclear submarines got built. Under the shadow--the menacing, maybe glowing blue rather than dark shadow--of a prime target. And I devoured science fiction that imagined atomic war and its long-lasting after effects on the land, living things, culture. Who and what might survive, how, and whether they would depart much from what I took as human. Mutations. Wastelands.Gamma ray perversities.The long gone after the atomic doom of civilization. 

Fallout me after the warheads explode was a common imagining... 

So I'm not surprised by these old targeting plans. 

I am still sometimes surprised that we humans did not, after all, commit global atomic war!



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