pitch313 (pitch313) wrote,

Photos Of My All-Time Favorite Aircraft, Bar None!

Take a look at Blair Bunting's photos of my all-time favorite aircraft over at Foxtrot Alpha

Once on a car trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles (I don't recall exactly where, but probably where Interstate 15 comes closest to Edwards Air Force Base), we happened to notice a little sign pointing to an open air collection of seven or eight airframes of this aircraft family. Down a little road we went, parked, and found ourselves walking among these airframes.

I mean, close enough to touch them. 

It seemed odd to me. But then I used to kayak among nuclear submarines as a kid in my hometown. Security sometimes has gaps, I figured. 

Anyhow, my all-time favorite aircraft--the SR-71 family. So swift, so wonderful looking, and still so futuristic! 

At Foxtrot Alpha



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