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The Argonne National Lab's Sense Of Security

The Vulnerabilities Assessment Team (Seals) at the Argonne National Laboratories has
put up a list of Physical Security Maxims.

It's an intriguing list. A useful, or potentially useful, list. A list somebody could even do
magic with. Murphological magic.

These maxims each illustrate an aspect or effect of Murphy's Law and/or Finagle's Corollary.
Various angles and glitches and swaggering confidence and irrational faith and stupidity may
encourage when and how things will go a-wrong. And prod those responsible to blame the hapless.

To my eyes, these maxims have direct relevance in Pagan social organization and awareness.

A few examples:

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Maxim: If you're not running scared, you have bad security
or a bad security product.

Low-Tech Maxim: Low-tech attacks work (even against high-tech devices and systems).

Gossip Maxim: People and organizations can't keep secrets.

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us Maxim: The insider threat from careless or
complacent employees & contractors exceeds the threat from malicious insiders
(though the latter is not negligible.)

Better to be Lucky than Good Maxim: Most of the time when security appears to be
working, it's because no adversary is currently prepared to attack.

Mermaid Maxim: The most common excuse for not fixing security vulnerabilities is that
they simply can't exist.

See the entire list at:

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