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Look At All The Red Counties!

Over at Newsmax.com there's an interesting map of 2008 presidential election results that got me scratching my head for a moment. Most of the counties in the USA voted for McCain, not for Obama. The map by county is lots of red, only a little blue.

The point of the little Newsmax report is, I think, intended to slightly comfort the more conservative segment of the country. By county, at least, the USA is still red!


But wait.

Obama won the office of President.

How come, I scratched my head, when most of the counties are red?

Then it came to me.

In the USA, we count votes by individual citizens, not votes of counties where they live.

The few blue counties on the map just happen to be where most of the voters live. So we may have more red counties--and conservatives can feel good about that--but we have more blue voters--and all of us can feel good about that. About blue voters.


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