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Lover of Strife Tosses Out A Casting Call! (Bonus: A Faux LOLOlsen)

Over at Lover of Strife, Evnissyen and guest judges just gave away a host of prizes
in a contest matching deities and supernatural entities with the stars and celebrities
who should play them in the movies or on TV.

Go, take a look at the results. See if you agree.


I missed this contest. Darn! I'd have nominated Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen to
portray The Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda!

My faux (no pic) LOLOlsen:

We iz in ur movie, messin' wit the Mrald Ceety, teezin' Doorothy wit
monkees, Ruby slippers, poppies, dancin' along The Yellow Brick Road,
and our fashion line--The Row!!!

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