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Kali & Ganesha Wallpaper

You can find, at Ghee Happy, two cheerful, colorful wallpapers--one featuring Ganesha, who may aid in the removal of obstacles; the other, Kali (in purple), who may also have something to say about obstacles.

Free. 800x600 or 1280x800.

Sanjay Patel, the artist, works at Pixar.


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Heidi Klum In A Kali costume

At the celebrity gossip site I Don't Like You In That Way there's a set of photos featuring Heidi Klum, the supermodel and TV show hostess, wearing an elaborate Kali costume. Looking at the pics, she gets into the spirit of this goddess a little.


Scroll down to find the pics.

Other web sites also offer photos of Heidi and her Kali costume. Try your favorite search engine for Heidi Klum Kali costume.

The costume and photos have stirred up a little controversy among practicing Hindus. Some think that a supermodel in a Goddess costume is a little irreverent.


Heidi Klum, although interested in Indian culture and history, seems to have chosen Kali more out of a sense of scary fun than in response to any particular call from this Goddess.

I am deeply devoted to Kali. I would not say that dressing up in a Kali costume is a good idea, even for Halloween. Even if it looks fabulous in a try on. I have found that to speak of Kali, to mimic Her appearance, will invoke Her into one's life. Most of us are not prepared for such an event or relationship with a Goddess.

But this costume does have a decent sense of Kali's iconography.

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